Today marks another milestone, the end of my fourth semester as an MLIS student. It is always good to see what I have come away with from being in school.  I have learned a great deal about the technologies that are out there which do not have to be costly to school library budgets. Plus, I have learned more in regards to copyright laws and fair use (If I do go back to school after this is completed,  perhaps it will be law school—but for now, the library is my home).   I find myself looking at my students and the teachers and what exactly they are putting into presentations.  I took it for granted myself. I understand plagiarism, but now that we have the internet there is so much that can be used.  We have to always remember if we did not buy, create, collaborate in regards to other creations done by others, then is not ours and we must take the time and effort to think about what it is we are using and in need of before “making” it our own.   As I stated before, we take it for granted about thinking before doing something. We need to make it a habit and test ourselves from time to time so as not to fall back into the mundane again. It has been a good semester, trying at times but very good! 

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