As I dust the shelves of the library, I notice some books have not been touched in quite some time. Books that were donated over 2 years ago sit as a set, but with no one to open the pages. What is happening to books? I used to love to take one out of the library, go home and read over a long weekend. It was fun. I felt like such a grown up for having my own access to acquiring such materials. I also felt a responsibility that this had to be returned in proper condition. This is when I started to feel mature. I was a given a type of “treasure” and I was entrusted to keep it safe.
These days, I see the same patrons come to our quaint library. I find many of my students sitting in front of the computers reading books. I know this is what the “new” trend, but there was something to always holding those pages between your fingers. I understand that this helps the environment, but you think of countless pages written throughout the ages. Scholars and archaeologists pined through words and the meanings with delight. What intrigue! I know that future generations will become accustomed to the technology, but a part of me looks at this new idea with a bit of sadness. A piece of history is passing and today I am witnessing this passage. One day, I will be the one who says “I remember when stories where on a thing called paper.” I know that is taking things too far, but this is the beginning of a new era. Not all bad, just something new!

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