Teaching students about other people’s work

I have been finding students will come at the last minute and try to find resources for papers and projects, but sadly I see them copying a bibliography off of a website.  I actually had spoken to parents about this issue and they said their child was probably too tired to look for resources.  Thus, telling me not to worry about something so insignificant.  They felt that since the bibliography was online, then it was public use. Anyone can use the same resources.  I told them that the work was done by someone else. How can they not give credit to the actual source? I am completely dumbfounded by parents not caring about stealing.  What can we do to curb this situation?  As an educator, I have a duty to teach young people about the work they are doing.   I know research takes time and their days are busy, but we all have a responsibility to uphold what is good. Why can’t we learn to do good? Is this the new norm for our society?  I hope that we can keep each other accountable to such a high standard. Otherwise, we will see a new generation with new perspectives of how we create work. 

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