What does the future hold?

I was speaking to a colleague whose husband graduated with an MLS some 20 years ago.  He never used the degree and went into business instead. She asked me if I thought the role of the librarian has changed. She was wondering this because she is not sure her husband could get a job now.  My response was “In any position, you would have to allow yourself to be constantly trained in what is new and important to the role you plan to work.”   I understand that my new role is just a foundation. I must allow myself to realize that technology is always in a state of flux.   In our present world, technology is being integrated in every facet of our society.   I do miss the simpler way of doing things but it is understandable given the way life is becoming.   It is hard for me to head up to northern New York where my in-laws do not have internet.  It feels great on the first day and then I am scrambling over to Burger King to get free Wi-Fi for the rest of the week. This is when the staff really gets to know me.  Again, the need for information and the use of technology is needed. As much as we want the simpler things in life, there is always a craving for more.  Yet, this is the way of the world and we are inspiring the future!

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