Is technology taking over education?

After watching a series of videos and discussing this issue with some of my classmates, is it possible that as educators we are leaving technology to teach our students?  Technology has grown so immensely and families are integrating a great deal of technology in their homes.  Parents use computers for work; new homes are being constructed with computer components that were unheard of a decade ago.  So is it wrong for teachers to use technology in the classroom?  Personally, I like the technology.  However, I also do not want to see my child come home and spend more time on the computer.  I would want some face-to-face interaction.  I want to hear about their teacher.  I want to hear about what they learned during the day.  As a teacher, I also would like to talk to my students and get to know them.  It may be only chance to leave my “mark” on this child.  How will they remember me? 


I remember my elementary teachers so vividly.  They inspired and encouraged me.  They also disciplined me when I stepped outside the boundaries.  They wanted me to think.  I found it difficult because I did not want to let them down.  Their care and nurturing helped me to appreciate reading and find those subjects, which would inspire me to want to learn more. 

Now that there is so much technology, I appreciate it.  Yet, because of it, I find that I have a responsibility to utilize it and teach how to use responsibly.  I cannot change the way life is moving forward.  I can only try to make sure that as an adult I implement it wisely.  Of course, just as my teachers taught me, I have to keep learning and watching for the sake of others. This is now my work as an educator. 

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