Death by Powerpoint

Death by Powerpoint

It has been a long week and creating a power point presentation has been so different in what I am used to doing. I have learned a great deal in such a short time, but I am scared that I have this information overload and I am going to forget it. It is almost like studying for a test and you freeze at test time (at least that is what always happened to me, ha ha). I look at what I am about to submit and ask myself, “Is it what I expect it to be?” “Is my audience going to enjoy or fall asleep?” I have had these flutters in my stomach all week. Can I prove it to myself that this will be good enough? Only my audience can decide. Of course, this is just the beginning. I hope to have many more years of working on presentations for those I serve. For now, I have to get through this one….

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