The NYPL vs. Hurricane Sandy

I have never been to the New York Public Library but I have viewed its images, seen video footage, and read about its beauty and marvel.  As I watched the devastation brought about by Hurricane Sandy, I thought of this building and its meaning to the community and the world.  It is more than a building with books; it is a piece of history.  It contains 53 million items and is 2nd largest library in the U.S.  There is so much value in this library.  My thoughts, as I saw the images on television, wondered what would happen if this building was destroyed?   I cannot begin to imagine. It is one thing to think we have all of this wonderful technology that provides an online library. Yet, there is something about walking into a building and seeing so many books. One cannot enter such a prestigious building and not want to read, research, or study every aspect of this library.   Even though there are so many libraries in the world, some which have faced devastation, this is just one of those libraries one would hate to lose.  Let us take pride in such a place that was designated to impart knowledge to those who entered its doors.  And know that this it is just one place that we all would love for our libraries to emulate. 

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