Can it be that my job is in jeopardy?

I recently overheard that many schools and institutions are not prepared to handle the library’s new position in the 21st century.  I was appalled but the conversation went on to say that monies are hard to come by and if students (young & old) have a search engine then why use those monies for databases when it could be best served somewhere else?   I was angry and sad. Angry because many administrators themselves do not know what is happening in this area of technology. They do not want to spend money because according to them hard work was done through book research.   On the other hand, my sadness was what if jobs are cut based on what I do?  Now that so many things can be accomplished automatically, then is my position in jeopardy?  I have to prove my position. It is not so much that I do this line of work for glory and gain, but because I am an educator who wants to help students do much more than I could and with many more opportunities of succeeding with good information. 

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