Cyber Security

As I am sitting here in my media center, I think a great deal of cyber-security.  I have this small room with 12 computers. I can see for them most part what my students are doing.  At the beginning of the school year, they were given a Technology Code of Conduct which they sign and a copy is kept in the school office.  They promise to use the computers for academic purposes only and will try not to any way violate this agreement.  Yet, we know teens. They like to push limits (so did we when we were their age).  Not everything they do can be totally reprehensible, but it only takes one student to take those limits far enough that it hurts someone else.   As an SLMS, what am I supposed to do?  I want to allow my students some leeway in utilizing social media, but I am afraid that the person seated next to them will hack into their account when they walk away from the computer and I am not looking.   We have this wealth of information at our fingertips and yet we have to be instrumental in teaching our own children and students the rights/wrongs of the using the computers. We too cannot allow ourselves to be so naïve in presuming that things are so secure because of the latest filters we have in place. There is always danger lurking and sad to say it has come in to cyberspace.

A seminar I was invited to as I was writing this blog:

Social Media in Schools:

A recent article that I was reading today:

US attorney offers Internet safety tips

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