The Google Game

There are days that I feel totally useless as a librarian, especially when students ask me to help them find resources they need for a particular topic.  I try and ask as many questions as I can to help them find what they are looking for. It is not always easy and I do not have the expertise or enough access to pertinent databases that may help them in their search.  I try not to let it get the best of me, but there are times I just feel like I am letting them down.  When I read the article about the “Google Game” I’ll admit that I was bit psyched about it in my own searches.   I had a class where I was learning precisely how to use Google in order to conduct “good” searches, but either I did not get it or there was so much computer lingo that I felt lost. This game put things into perspective for me.  Hopefully, I can share this with my teachers very soon.

Watkins, Katrine. “The Google Game”.  School Library Journal (January 2006) 52-54. 

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