Can I do a good job?

Do you ever have those days where you think, “Am I good enough for what I am trying to accomplish?”  Today was one of those for me.  When this position for librarian opened up at my school, this was an answer to prayer.  I had been teaching for almost 14 years and I needed a change.   I had lived in Texas and I had been teaching high school subjects. I needed to either cut back or find something else to do. Yet, I still liked some of those classes I taught and the students that I met.   

When we moved to Virginia, I was asked to teach middle school.  I did not know what to expect and my health began to fail a bit. I knew I needed something else.  So in the middle of the school year, as we began the accreditation process, the school was in desperate need of a librarian.   The only condition, you must be willing to earn an MLS degree.  I had just completed one Master’s program. Did I want to do another?   I felt called to do it. 

As I sit here remembering  how this happened,  I feel great  about this position but at the same time apprehensive. Can I get this degree done and provide all that my school needs from me?  I hope so.   So far the experience here in the Media Center has been wonderful and such a blessing to me. I can only hope that I provide for my school as best I can… 

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  1. Enthusiasm and caring go a very long way in our profession. Having a library that is open and welcoming and safe is the saving grace for many students. A friendly face to talk to you and listen to you are resources that cost nothing. I am very sure that you are more than up to the job. Don’t get down on yourself.

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