Book Alarms?

Since I work at a small private Christian school (690 students & 100+ staff/faculty), it is easy to think no one will “borrow” a book and never return it.  Of course, we are all tempted especially when the librarian is not there to check out the book for you.  As small as my library is (3000+ print resources), I can’t go around and account for every book at the end of each day.  So what do I do?  Do I begin placing these alarm tags on the books?  I do not want to go to the expense.  Yet my teachers helped me acquire $25000 worth of books just a couple of years ago.  How do I protect this investment?  I have to share my library with my teachers as it serves as an area for tutoring after school (and after I am done for the day).  I do not want to go on a witch hunt, but I am at a crossroads. Not to mention, how can our school afford such a system.  What should I do?

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