Information Literacy/Information Seeking

As I begin this new week,  I am beginning to receive requests from my teachers to reserve the library media center for upcoming projects.  I plead with my teachers to send me their handouts or unit plan with time so that I may begin researching as soon as possible. But many of these requests comes with only 24-48 hours notice.  I sometimes wish I could be “Google” so that information may come rapidly to me and WAALA!  Here is what you need….If only.  One thing I love to do is find out things. It is the best part of research.   In this position, I understand that patrons want instant results. Time is of the essence and well, let’s just say patience is out the window.  I hope that as I begin this week’s lessons that being someone who helps to provide information, I can do my best to supply it. Maybe someday, information will be given like in Star Trek, “Computer, please take me to what was once called a library!”

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