What’s in a blog?

I like diaries. I like stories about people’s diaries–The Diary of Anne Frank–for one.   They reveal the person writing. Perhaps it is not always “true”  but the author gives insights as to where they are, what they are doing or thinking.  So how come more people don’t write about themselves?  It is just not that easy. I have sat down with a beautiful new journal, expecting to write down my thoughts only to find myself thinking “What did I just say?” “Why am I wasting my time ? “Who will care?”   I think of those who will come after me and what will they wonder?  Was I a good person?  Will they think I was writing about them?  All of these questions come into my mind when I write them. So to blog means I have to be doubly careful about what I write. True, no one may never care or even read it but for that person who may stumble across my blog, will what I have said come to mean something more, even if they do no know me. Words can be powerful indeed and leave an impression. We all grew with that saying, “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.”  REALLY?  This isn’t true.  Words can  mean a whole lot and it is how we internalize our ideas.  So if my blog stays on the internet for years to come, then what I have written leaves an imprint.  This could be a legacy. So what’s in your blog?

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